Meccanica Ponte Chiese
is an important company with 40 years-experience in the field of precision machining.


From 1978 our company makes precision mechanical workings for the removal of shavings of middle and large sized cast iron, aluminium and steel. Our activity is particularly addressed to textile field, to the moving-ground field, off-highway, naval field, Industrial field, printing machine and wind. Thanks to the constant commitment of the whole organization, Meccanica Ponte Chiese satisfies all the quality requirements imposed by customers, guaranteeing quality, reliability and product safety through continuous staff training and careful planning.


It doesn’t matter how big is your company today.
Each company starst from a dream and a project.
Each company has a humble origin and an exciting sory.



The constant attention to customer needs is the basis of our future vision, to satisfy it better and faster we are inspired by the principles of legality, loyalty and fairness, increasing the awareness of all staff on their contribution to the quality system and safety of the product.


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